1.  Preliminary or selection test
  2.  Written test
  3.  Oral examination
  4.  Medical tests 

A candidate has to go through the above steps one by one. When the candidate passes the selection and written test, he / she starts preparing for the oral test. After passing the oral test, a job seeker gets a seat in his assigned position. So it is very important to know about these steps.

Ways to get a government job: Make your own plan

The biggest way to get a government job is to plan for your studies. In that case, some things are important, such as:

  • Mark what you can do well and what you are weak about, then read the difficult things over and over again. Mark the important topics.
  •  Have ideas about test cut marks. All the topics that are currently appearing in the recruitment exam are equally important.
  • Study by sharing time on each topic. Because every issue is important.
  • Try to understand the concept and do analytical study so that the written test and preparation is halved while preparing for the selection test.
  •  Finish a topic and practice questions and suggestions based on that topic.
  •  Solve the test paper every day and see where you are lagging behind. Try to correct your mistakes.
  •  Revise every day even the things you have a good grasp of.

Some books for government job preparation

There are different types of books available in the market. Not all of them are good, some books are much more informative and good results are obtained with practice. Such as: mp3 series books, professors publishing books, job solutions, current affairs, special issues of current affairs, various model test books etc. Among the bank examination books, Syed Khairul Hasan’s Bank Job, Professors ‘books, Oracle Publications’ books are notable. There are many more types of books. Job seekers must check the quality of the books and buy the books so that the expected results are obtained from them. There is no way to compromise on quality.